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The 1/8th or 1/4 of a steer pack will include all cuts from front and back of an animal like sirloin steaks, rump steaks, topside, silverside, brisket, shin, stewing steak, lots of great mince and more.

Beef pricelist:
Roasting joints


Other cuts

All family packs are calculated at £10.00/kg and include all the cuts except from ribs making them outstanding value. 1/8th of a steer is anything between 12 and 16kg and a 1/4 is double that!

Please contact me if you have a query or would like to order your meat on 01603 782492 or

Due to increase in hay and straw as well as slaughter charges, I had to add £1 on the meat price.
*All beef sold out. Next batch due autumn 2014. Please check for updates.




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