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Half Pint Cow Company - Dexter cattle

Dexter cattle is our smallest native breed and originate from Ireland. They are extremely hardy and can happily live outside all year round. Their biggest asset is most certainly the flavour of the beef which has been praised by John Torode of Masterchef, Gordon Ramsey and many others and has been described as the best in the world. Please don't take my word for it - you can find out for yourself - look under orders to check when the next batch is available.

Six breeding cows are the core of my herd- Ellie, Coco, Dreamer, Ebony, Lilly and Berry. There are also two young heifers (girl calves) called Midnight and Treacle. I will keep them for future breeding. The rest of the herd are steers (castrated males) who live a very happy life for 18-24 months until they are ready for slaughter. The meat is then hung for 28 days and butchered by SW Doughty of Doddington - the winner of Countryside Alliance Award for Best Butcher in Britain 2011.

Half Pint Cow Company - Dexter cattle

Our herd is just grass fed as is should be for all ruminant animals. Grass in all forms, fresh in summer and dried or pickled (hay or silage) in winter. They have a bit of rolled barley and some carrots or parsnips in winter or as a treat. Still far too many commercially raised animals are fed on high protein hard nuts which put a big strain on their digestive system, a huge strain on the environment and of course on our health. Beef from grass fed cattle has the perfect ratio of 3 and 6 omega acids as well as containing high levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid... bit technical there) which helps to combat cancer, high blood pressure, control diabetes and more. The bad press the beef has been getting relates to meat from animals fed on hard feed. Again if this interests you please do your your own research on this subject.

Most of you are possibly not used to buying meat in big batches. The thought of having 10-20kg of beef in front of you may seem a bit scary but trust me, it is cheaper and more exciting as you get cuts that you wouldn't normally buy or simply not know about. But most importantly you will know exactly where this meat comes from and how the animals have been raised. If you would like to come and see our herd please contact me to arrange your visit.

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