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Half Pint Cow Company - Dexter cattle

I live in a small north Norfolk village with my husband and three children. Although I do not come from a farming family and grew up in a town, both sets of my grandparents had smallholdings and I am certain my love and passion for countryside and animals stems from there. Cows always fascinated me most and in 2008, when opportunity to rent grazing land very close to our house arrived, I decided to go for it and start a traditional suckler herd and produce proper, yummy beef. Why Dexters? Well, old, well established breeds carry certain qualities not found in modern cattle and, after studying books, attending shows and finally meeting a local Dexter breeder and tasting their beef which was outstanding, I knew I had found the gem!

The last few years has taught me how time consuming, labour intensive, stressful and UTTERLY enjoyable farming is... lots of stories to tell my grandchildren in years to come. Doing it on such a small scale is not geared towards large profit; it is a way of life for us as a family, learning respect for nature and animals - that's enough for me to continue. I hope in time I will be able to spread the message to many more of you of how important it is to know where your meat comes from and how the animals have been raised. Too many pigs, cows and chickens are still raised using the factory farming method, depriving them of their basic, natural needs and leading to many man-made diseases. It is up to us, the consumers, to change it. Please read on and meet my herd.

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